ETFs focused on Fixed Income for European Institutional Investors

Michael John Lytle talks about the next level of the ETF business. He explains the structure of tabula, gives an overview of what to expect from Biden as the winner of the US election, and talks about US inflation and liquidity in the markets.

Michael John (“MJ”) Lytle is CEO of Tabula Investment Management. Previously MJ was a founding partner in Source, an investment manager focused on the creation and distribution of ETFs, including a partnership with PIMCO to create and distribute a range of fixed income ETFs. Source was purchased by Invesco in 2017. Prior to Source, MJ spent 18 years at Morgan Stanley with a variety of roles across corporate finance, capital markets origination, trading, sales, equity, fixed income, private wealth and technology strategy. Most of these roles revolved around fixed income and evolving and expanding investors’ access to the asset class. MJ has a BA in Economics and Government from Dartmouth College with further studies at the London School of Economics.